Frog facts! 🐸

Look at our super frog fact books. What can you remember about frogs? Where can we find them? What do they like to eat?


snow days

I am sure everyone is having fun in the snow and doing lots of interesting things to keep busy while you are at home. It would be fantastic if you could write a diary or make a scarp book of all the things you have been doing to share with your friends next week when we can get back in school. We would love to see any pictures or photographs you have of your snow sculptures.

Try to read everyday and practise the sounds in your sound book.

Houses and Homes

We have been having a lot of discussions about our homes. We found out not all homes at the same. Some children live in a bungalow, some houses are detached, some children live in terraced houses. We did some more amazing writing about our homes, very impressive F2 πŸ€—

πŸ‘‘πŸŽŠ Celebrations 🎈🎁 

Welcome back everybody,what a busy time we have got from now until Christmas. Our new topic this term is ‘What is there to Celebrate?’. The children had lots to say about their Halloween and Bonfire celebrations during the holidays. 

look at our super writing!

We also made some super firework pictures when we had finished our writing. 

Thank you to Eadie who brought in some photographs of her Halloween celebrations to show the class. We would love to have some more of children taking part in different celebrations so if you have any from birthdays, christenings, weddings or any other celebrations please bring them to school to show.