Sam’s Safari

Yesterday F2 joined Sam on safari to find out lots of interesting facts about her animals. The first animal we met was Sally the snail. She was almost as large as Sam’s hand. Sam told us that Sally was an African snail  and that when she hatched she already had a shell.

We pretended to be snail!


Then we saw the lizards Barry and Bertie.





Popcorn the snake came out to meet us. She doesn’t have any eyelids so has to sleep with her eyes open.


We all liked the turtle. He had a hard shell to hide inside when he thinks there is danger.


Sam’s ferrets were the next animals we met. They were very soft to touch but had to go back into their cage before Freeman the guinea  pig and Basil the rabbit came out.  Sam told us that ferrets like to eat meat and were good hunters.


We had great fun meeting all the animals.




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