Outstanding writer! 📝😁

Congratulations to our outstanding writer of the week. An independent piece of writing! I think someone must have been practising writing their name over the summer 👍 Well done Alfie! 

Who will be our ‘Outstanding Writer’ this week? It is only Monday and already I have so many good pieces to choose from. Well done F2 😀


Welcome back! 😀

Welcome back everybody! What a super first day we have had.

Our topic this term is ‘Who are the famous characters in our stories?’. The children have enjoyed sharing which stories they like to read at home. We then made the characters from our favourite stories. They look fantastic!! 

We have been so busy on our first day back with children exploring their new classroom and making new friends that some children who wanted to make their favourite character didn’t have time today. We will be continuing with our topic over this half term so don’t worry , over the next few days children will have another chance to create their favourite character. 

We have also had some excellent writing from children today. I wonder who is going to be our Outstanding Writer this week…..?

Life in Australia ðŸ‡³ðŸ‡¿

This week as part of our topic on ‘holidays and journeys’ we have been learning all about life in Australia. We looked at famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge.

We then looked at the Great Barrier Reef. We learnt lots of interesting facts. Did you know it can be seen from space!! 🌏 We also looked at animals in Australia. We liked kangaroos and koalas but were a bit scared of the poisonous pufferfish and the giant spiders 🐡🕷

After looking at what we can find on the Great Barrier Reef we then created our own. Look at out super pictures!

After learning lots of interesting facts about ‘Life in Australia’ we then did some excellent writing about what there is to see and do there. We also thought it would be nice to have some of the Australian sunshine ☀️ 

🐌 The Snail and the Whale ðŸ³

This week we have been doing lots of super work focusing on one of our favourite stories ‘The Snail and the Whale’. This links in with our topic ‘holidays and journeys’ as the snail got to travel around the world seeing lots of exciting places. After reading the story we then worked together as a class to sequence the events.

We then thought of some actions to help us tell the story 

We were then able to use this to help us write the story. Look at our writing. It’s EXCELLENT! 😁

Outstanding writers! 👏👍✏️

We have been so impressed with the excellent writing from children in our class. This term our topic is focusing on ‘holidays and journeys’. All the children have had lots to share about holidays they have been on with their families.We have also been writing postcards to our friends to tell them all about our holiday. After looking at holidays in our country we then thought about visiting other countries. First stop was France! 🇫🇷We made some super travel guides to tell everyone what there is to see and do in France. Here’s our outstanding writers from the last few weeks. Well done!

Sam’s Safari

Yesterday F2 joined Sam on safari to find out lots of interesting facts about her animals. The first animal we met was Sally the snail. She was almost as large as Sam’s hand. Sam told us that Sally was an African snail  and that when she hatched she already had a shell.

We pretended to be snail!


Then we saw the lizards Barry and Bertie.





Popcorn the snake came out to meet us. She doesn’t have any eyelids so has to sleep with her eyes open.


We all liked the turtle. He had a hard shell to hide inside when he thinks there is danger.


Sam’s ferrets were the next animals we met. They were very soft to touch but had to go back into their cage before Freeman the guinea  pig and Basil the rabbit came out.  Sam told us that ferrets like to eat meat and were good hunters.


We had great fun meeting all the animals.



Spring is here

Now that the weather is getting warmer F2 have been getting our garden area ready for planting. There were lot’s of weeds to take out of the tubs. Everyone helped to pull them out and put them into the compost bin. Once the weeds had gone we dug the soil so that we could star planting. Watch out for updates on our progess.


What’s in the eggs?

Last week an incubator and seven eggs were delivered to school. F2 were very excited to hear this as they have been learning about animals and know about different animals that lay eggs. The children went to see the eggs in Miss Price’s classroom and tried to guess what creatures will hatch out of them.